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8 going-out tops for when you just want to wear 'jeans and a nice top'

If there is one outfit combination that should take up a lot of your wardrobe (after fleecy pyjamas, duh!) it's jeans and nice tops. They are a staple in every woman's wardrobe and have saved us more sartorial dilemmas than we have had Weetabix smushed into our hair.

Finally convinced a babysitter to look after your little one for the evening? Jeans and a nice top. Drinks with the girls? Jeans and a nice top. Mother-in-law's annual family get together? Jeans and a nice top.

We owe a lot to the winning combination, as without it, we'd be sobbing in our wardrobe surrounded by 2014's sweater dresses and pre-pregnancy body-con dresses. Shudder.

Here's all the best going out tops that would look sensational with your favourite denim...