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Keep both hands free with these fab rucksack changing bags

best rucksacks changing bag on budget

Whether you’re hitting the high street or going on an adventure, a rucksack changing bag is ideal when you are on the go with your little one.  The best feature of a rucksack as a changing bag is the hands-free convenience – we all know the importance of having both hands free when you have a toddler by your side.  

Rucksacks are spacious with a wide opening, making it easy to fit more things inside and to find them when you’re in a rush. Most of these bags feature waterproof material inside, so you don’t need to worry about water, milk, juice or nappy cream spilling; it’s also easy to clean with just wipes. 

Another big advantage of these bags is the number of pockets, many with specific functions – meaning you have a particular place for baby’s bottle, nappies, and other gear.  

Once you start using a backpack as a changing bag, you probably won't want to change to any other style. And once you go beyond needing a changing bag specifically, you can stick with a rucksack handbag – we’ve also chosen our favourites of these too.  

We have searched for the best rucksack changing bags on the market at the moment: 

This stylish backpack is the large version from Lekebaby, providing more room and compartments including two quick reach insulated bottle pockets on the front and a laptop pocket. It also comes with additional straps to attach to a stroller to make any day trip out a little easier and a foldable changing mat.

The best rucksacks changing bag on budget

MoFut Rucksack Changing Bag is multi-functional and comes with big specific compartments. There are three insulated pockets in the first compartment plus another insulated pocket inside the main compartment – plenty of room for baby’s bottles and water.

ICEIVY Rucksack Changing Bag is made with high-quality and durable fabric and is really spacious with 14 different pockets. It’s available in two other colourways and is really lightweight (until you fill it with all your stuff, that is!).

We love the navy and cream design of this bag (it’s also available in grey and pink). With 13 pockets there is plenty of room for all your little one’s essentials, and the wet/dry pocket is great for nappy changes.

We love the special pocket with a dispenser slot for pulling wipes through – a great idea. This bag is super easy to clean, and comes in a wide range of colours including unisex black or grey, plus there are vegan leather versions too.

In a chic khaki colour, the Micralite Smart DayPak is made with all-weather-proof fabrics. This bag is also designed to be unisex, so Dad can use it too. It comes with a changing mat, and there’s an insulated pocket for bottles. We’d be happy to carry on using this as a normal bag when we’re past the nappy changing stage.

With the Skip Hop Forma Backpack, function meets fashion. All your baby's essentials will fit perfectly in this gorgeous quilted bag, and you can easily bottle-feed on-the-go thanks to the two insulated side pockets.   

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