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7 confidence boosters after a #mumfail day

Ready yourself for those umpteen-things-going-wrong days with some simple confidence lifts

You were late for nursery drop off – and pick up. Your toddler had a tantrum in Tesco. The kitchen has been decorated… in spaghetti.

Sigh. Definitely one of those days.

But before you hit the stash of Haribo (although by all means do that, too) take a deep breath and arm yourself with some confidence pick-me-ups.

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1) Smile it out

It may be the last thing you feel like doing, but a University of Kansas study found even the simple act of smiling can actually ease stress.

So whether it’s sticking on that Alan Carr DVD or listening to a radio show while you finish those chores, try a little smile therapy to feel more positive.
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2) Look at your baby

  This is all about perspective. Sure, you’re feeling like a rubbish parent right now, but your baby’s absolutely fine. Just remind yourself your baby will never remember that you couldn’t find her dummy that morning or dropped her comforter.

If anyone’s your constant number one fan, it’s her.
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3) Revisit the good times

Whether it’s your wedding album, holiday snaps or the first Instagram pics you posted, a bit of nostalgia can actually make us feel more optimistic about the future, found research by University of Southampton.

What better excuse to go all wistful and dreamy eyed over your favourite memories?
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4) Talk to a friend

Phone a friend, vent about your day and then laugh it off. Chances are she’ll have plenty of her own #mumfails to reassure you with.

And think about what you’d say to her if she rang you to do the same – we’ve all been there, so just shake it off and start again tomorrow.
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5) Set an evening achievement

Pack your toddler’s bag for the next day, cook something you can eat for tomorrow’s lunch or even change the sheets. Just tick something easy off your list to help you feel more organised and on top of things.
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6) Put pen to paper

Remembering a time you felt powerful can make you feel more in control, according to German research. So think back to one of your best recent mum days (y’know, that one when you made it back for the childminder early and managed bath time without a flood) and write about it for a few minutes.

It could be enough to remind you that successful days do happen and there’s no point beating yourself up if they don’t.
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7) Get reading

More specifically, a good whodunit when your baby’s in bed.

Not only does UK research suggest a mere six minutes of reading relaxes you, but getting to the end of a mystery book and finding you were right in your suspicions actually improves your self-esteem when you’re lacking confidence, according to a study by Ohio State University.


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