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How To Throw The Perfect Baby Shower

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How To Throw The Perfect Baby Shower

From the guest list to the games, we reveal our top bump-friendly tips for a pre-baby party worth celebrating.

We all love celebrating the imminent arrival of a newborn with a baby shower – but thanks to the likes of Kim Kardashian and Fergie, baby waterfall seems a more fitting term. Think lavish, luxury and very OTT.

Not quite sold on a stork ice sculpture? You can still have an event to remember.

Baby showers can be tricky to pull off, with guests from all different generations and friendship groups, so you’ll need to know when to host, who to invite and how to pick an appropriate theme .

Trust your host

Tradition dictates you don’t throw your own party. The idea, after all, is to be showered with gifts. ‘In most cases, a close friend or sister organises everything,’ says Samantha Check, from Tea Party, a private tearoom that hosts baby showers. Etiquette dictates that your friends chip in for the bill, covering your costs too.

Choose the ideal time

‘Around 36 weeks is the best time to hold your event,’ says Samantha. ‘By then, 
you’ve probably finished work, and are feeling relaxed and ready to get into the spirit of impending parenthood.’ As for duration, two hours is probably long enough before pregnancy fatigue starts to set in.

Theme it

It’s not essential, but a theme will hold the party together well. ‘You can keep it subtle – think afternoon tea with “thank you” cupcakes for guests to take away at the end – or really go for it,’ says baby shower planner Chrystal de’Gale. ‘Our guests particularly like spa parties, where they’re pampered with beauty treatments and a glass of bubbly.’

Check the guest list

The ideal list should be made up of close friends and family – don’t be afraid to keep things small and intimate. ‘Go through the guest list with the person throwing the party for you, making sure no one important has been missed off,’ says baby shower advisor Lucy Pask. ‘It’s a good chance to scratch off any people who might clash, too.’

Play (appropriate) games

While a round of ‘Pin the sperm on the egg’ may tickle your friends, it won’t make your granny giggle. ‘Some women throw two showers – a cheeky one for friends and a more respectable one for relatives,’ says Lucy. Or vice versa, depending on what your family’s like.


Set up a gift list

Your guests will probably be grateful for some direction when it comes to gifts. ‘Some mums will put a gift registry card in with the invite, but telling the host what you’d like works just as well,’ says Lucy. ‘A list saves on duplicates but, if you want to keep things simple, gift vouchers make the perfect present.’

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