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Mums Admit Alcohol Helps Relieve Parenting Stress

US mums admit just how much alcohol they’re drinking in a new survey

Nearly 40 per cent of US mums have revealed that alcohol helps them cope with the stresses of parenting, figures show.

The research, conducted in a survey on American website, looked at the drinking habits of mothers. The results show that 34 per cent of those polled admitted to suspecting another mum has a drinking ‘problem’ – supported by the fact that 15 per cent said that they did have a problem with alcohol.

28 per cent said they had seen mums ‘drink to excess’ on a child’s playdate

And when asked if they had to stop drinking alcohol altogether, 34 per cent voted that would be ‘hard’.

The top tipple of choice for mums seems to be wine, as more than half of those polled selected it as their favourite drink, while 23 per cent of mums admitted that spirits are their top choice.

While many mums look forward to a glass after the children are in bed, it appears that indulging isn’t restricted to when children aren’t around, as 28 per cent said they had seen mums ‘drink to excess’ on a child’s playdate.

Deni Carise, from addiction treatment provider CRC Health Group, says she’s seen ‘an increase of moms, particularly with young kids, coming in for treatment.’

The NHS recommends that women don’t drink more than two to three units a day – equivalent to a 175ml glass of wine. But there are other ways to relieve parenting stress, including getting plenty of fresh air and *gulp* cutting back on social media.

It’s also not recommended to drink alcohol while you’re pregnant or breastfeeding – take a look at our best non-alcoholic alternatives.

Do you find the odd alcoholic drink helps reduce your stress levels? Let us know in the comments box below.

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