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Top 10 Fitness Apps For Mums

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Feel like you haven't got a moment to yourself? Most mums find maintaining a work/life balance hard enough as it is, let alone trying to fit an exercise regime into an already jam-packed week. So forget rushing to make it to your gym class and take a look at our pick of fitness apps.

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The General One: Gain Fitness

This personal trainer app offers simple exercises, over 1,300 motion images and step-by-step commands to deliver a whole body workout. You can specify particular group muscles to target and set up a routine to your preference.

Why it’s so great for Mums: Only got an exercise ball? Not to worry. This app offers an inventory of equipment to customise appropriate routines according to what you’ve got in the house. (Price: Free. Available on iOS)

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The Calorie One: Myfitnesspal

Myfitnesspal, a simple and easy to-use calorie counter, recognises thousands of foods and drinks enabling you to keep on top of your calorie intake.

Why it’s so great for Mums: From your favoured Starbucks brew to a slice of classic chocolate cake, this app will mean you can track nearly every bit of food you eat if you’re watching your weight. (Price: Free. Available on Android, Blackberry, iOS and Windows Phone.)

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The Quick One: 10-Minute Workouts

With this app, you have access to several beginner, intermediate and advanced 10-minute programs that require nothing more than the most basic home equipment. With detail exercise descriptions and accompanying images, the best part of 10-Minute Workouts is that it’s simple to use.

Why it’s so great for Mums: Requiring only 10 minutes of your time, this is the perfect for busy mums on-the-go. (Price: Free. Available on Windows phone)

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The Really Quick One: Tabata Trainer

This interval training app is based on the wildly intense, but very popular, four-minute Tabata method of training. Pre-loaded with workout routines, this app is effective, easy-to-follow and tracks your time to help you feel the burn.

Why it’s so great for Mums: Can’t even find 10 minutes of free time a day? At 240 seconds, this has got to be the quickest and easiest way to stay fit — and it can be carried out at any point in the day.(Price: £1.49. Available on iOS)

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The Tracker One: Argus

This is one for the walkies. Argus tracks everything, 24/7. It monitors every step, stride, bite, sip and more. The app monitors your daily routine producing detailed charts enabling you to set realistic health goals.

Why it’s so great for Mums: As a health diary, Argus will allow you to assess all the different aspects of your life. In highlighting important trends in your health habits, such as sleep patterns, Argus will allow you to identity those parts of your life where your kids aren’t having the best influence…(Price: Free. Available on iOS)

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The ‘Just for Mums’ One: In Shape Moms

This app won ‘Winner of Best Health APP 2012 – APP Circus’ and is perfect for every mum offering a complete pregnancy wellness and birth preparation programme.

Why it’s so great for Mums: The app aims to support mums in all aspects of pregnancy and parenting. It advises how to stay healthy and keep fit whilst providing all the information needed during pregnancies. (Price: Free. Available on iOS)

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The Minimal One: Everywhere Exercise

This app requires absolutely no equipment and focuses on flexibility, calorie burning and toning.

Why it’s so great for Mums: Everywhere Exercise is a great app for on-the-go mum allowing you to get more movement into your busy life.(Price: £1.75. Available on iOS)

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The Weight One: Lose it!

This is a great app for those wanting to focus on losing weight but feel like they don’t have enough time to do so. The app lets you set goals and then fits you with a realist and healthy daily calorie budget.

Why it’s so great for Mums: It’s easy to use and you can easily stay on track each day by recording food consumed and any exercise you do. It’s a must for those mums seeking to lose their baby weight. (Price: Free. Available on Android, iOS, Nook and Kindle)

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The Bum One: Daily Butt Workout

This is exactly what it says on the tin. The Daily Butt Workout offers five-minute routines and videos, complete with your own instructor, to strengthen and tone your bum.

Why it’s so great for Mums: Let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want a great mum-bum? (Price: 69p. Available on iOS)

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The Running One: Nike+ Running

Compared to other running apps, Nike’s app is very basic and easy to use. It simply starts up, tracks your route through GPS and records your distance, speed and time.

Why it’s so great for Mums: The perfect app for the running mum. It’s so simple to use and doesn’t over-complicate what should be the most simple of exercises. (Price: Free. Available on iOS and Android)

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