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No babysitter? 10 creative ways to be romantic at home

Weekends away and candlelit dinners take a bit more organisational wizardry when you become parents.

But, fortunately, romance doesn’t always mean leaving the house...

Relationship expert Matthew Hussey reveals 10 creative ways to rekindle your love at home:

1. Write notes

Leave love notes in humdrum places around the house.

‘In the fridge, beside toothbrushes, on pillows – it’ll guarantee a smile,’ says relationship expert Matthew Hussey. Buy a packet of Love Hearts for inspiration if needs be.

2. Plan a date

Baby in bed? Rustle up that pasta you both love and enjoy quality time without leaving the house.

‘Actually put it in your diary and carve out a little time to get dressed up for it,’ says Matthew. It’ll feel special but will feel less pressured than a big night out.

3. Hop in the shower

Nothing says sexy like joining your partner in the shower spontaneously – even if it’s just for a few minutes before work.

Just mind the potential slip factor and keep an eye out for bath toys.

4. Set up a picnic on the floor

Who says you have to head outside to get a taste of the al fresco? Buy some food from the local deli, dig out a blanket and light some candles. Bliss.

5. Dance in the kitchen

Whether it’s a slow waltz or a kitchen disco, put on a song you both love and leave the washing up for five minutes.

6. Use technology to keep in touch

Ok, we know this isn’t strictly home-based, but still a lovely one to do. ‘Sending a quick text or email about something that's not home or kids-related goes a long way,’ says Matthew.

How much you love him, a load of kisses, or – often in our case – a cute cat video on YouTube.

7. Make time to catch up

That time after your baby’s in bed may be for having a quick tidy or sorting yourself out, but keep a few minutes for each other, too.

‘Spend at least 15 minutes on the sofa talking about your day and cuddling, even if it's late,’ says Matthew.

Bonus points for working a foot rub into that.

8. Create a spa for your partner

It sounds cheesy, but there seriously is nothing more indulgent (outside of going to an actual spa) than candles, a bath, a favorite magazine and an hour free of chores or kid time.

Perhaps more one for him to lay on for you, although there’s no shame in a bloke loving bubbles.

9. Plan a sick day

If your boss asks, we never suggested this. ‘Take a day off together and dedicate it to just lounging in bed, watching old movies and napping,’ says Matthew.

10. Do breakfast in bed

Play butler or maid to your partner with breakfast in bed to get their day started off in a pretty darn good way.

Make sure you take turns with this one.

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