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What Does The Face Of Modern Parenting Look Like?

Mother&Baby carried out a survey looking into the modern family and how it works in 2014 – and there are some surprising stats
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Girls (We Run This World)

Mums really are the Queen of Multitasking – you hold down jobs (77% of you) and run things at home, including 74% of mums who organise the family calendar, remember to take your little one to events and book all holidays.
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Sharing Is Caring

Hurray for the rise of equal parenting - 45% of you share household chores such as cooking and cleaning, equally with your partner, while 64% say you are happy with way you divide up chores.
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All Hail Super Gran

Mums often rely on a wider network for help with childcare with 54% of those surveyed saying they rely on their parents for childcare and 28% using professional childcare.
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Night Nursing

Maybe it’s selective hearing or just lots of dads are really deep sleepers, but 68% of mums are the ones that get up in the night.
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Parental Guidance

Yep, it’s time to accept it – children do affect libido, with 80% of mums having sex less now than before they had children. We reckon it’s a case of quality over quantity, with 35% of respondents having sex once a month, 30% once a week and 19% every few days.
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Playing Around

A well behaved 92% of respondents say they have never had an affair, but 5% have considered it, and 3% HAVE had an affair (Naughty!).
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Better Blended

Stepchildren, half brothers – today’s family is a mix of children and parents from different relationships. In fact, 10% of mums are in a blended family with children from a previous relationship – a confirmation of the 54% of survey respondents who said they’d be happy to embrace a new relationship with someone who already had kids.
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Saying No To Matri-Mummy

As far as you’re concerned, many of you aren’t fussed about getting married before children arrive, with 64% saying you’re happy to bypass marriage before having children.
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Embracing Every Parent

Many of you agree that the most important thing is that your child is loved and cared for – and this was also the reason that 90% of those surveyed agree that sexuality doesn’t affect how you bring up children.
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Baby Instinct

No matter how many baby gurus come and go, in the end, it’s instinct that many mums (85% of you to be precise) rely on when making parenting decisions, demonstrating that you are more confident that ever about your choices.
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The Way You Do Discipline

It seems like the ‘Naughty Step’ is out, as 34% of respondents come down to their child’s level and talk calmly when disciplining their child and 28% provide clear boundaries so child knows what to expect.
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Safety First

Mums worry. There’s no denying that. But our survey discovered that safety is the main issue that keeps you awake a night, with 32% of survey respondents worrying about the safety of their child.
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Family Status Update

While 70% of mums put pictures of their baby on social media, they’re careful about who can see them and 10% keep their child's life private and don’t put anything about them on social media.

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