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10 Hilarious Parents You Need To Follow On Twitter

Twitter is bursting with witty, insightful and hilarious mums and dads who tweet about their parenting experiences and keep their followers smiling with their take on life with kids. Take a look at the funniest parents we’ve found…

1. @FunnyIsFamily

Describing herself as a best-selling author and Oreo enthusiast, Amy Flory’s twitter feed is full of brilliant one-liners about her children’s antics.

2. @SelfishMom

Brilliantly ironic, Amy Oztan’s Twitter account is an extension of her website and features funny – and candid – quips about her life at home with her lawyer husband and two children.

3. @ReasonsMySonCry

Pegged as ‘all the many many completely logical reasons that children cry’, this Twitter feed from one funny US dad is one that all parents can relate to.

4. @notanottinghill

Describing her Twitter account as ‘a view of ordinary life in Notting Hill, among the celebrities, supermodels and super rich’, NotaNottingHillMum’s feed includes funny quotes from her children along with suggestions of things to do with kids in West London.

5. @estherwalker

Blogger and writer Esther Walker often tweets about her motherhood experience – and includes some banter with her husband (and M&B columnist) @GilesCoren.

6. @Chez_Mummy

Laura’s a mum of two ‘blogging about (mis)adventures in parenting and doing best to stay sane amidst the mayhem’. Her tweets and blog posts are relatable and brilliantly frank.

7. @teresastrasser

Author of Exploiting My Baby, Teresa’s tweets are just as clever as you might expect and will make you nod in agreement every time. 

8. @BPMbadassmama

A tongue-in-cheek look at challenging parenting moments, this Twitter feed will make you feel better if you have a parenting fail. 

9. @BabySideburns

Tweets on this account are written in a self-depreciating and very open way (hello, TMI). But it’s hilarious in a laugh-out-loud way. 

10. @fabulessica

Jessica tweets about her children’s day-to-day activities and how she copes with them – making for a very relatable read.

Can you suggest any other funny parents to follow on Twitter? Let us know in the comments box below.

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