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10 Signs Frozen’s Taken Over Your Family Life

From knowing every single lyric to Let it Go, to that now-iconic Elsa costume always at the top of your washing pile – you’ll recognise these if your household has become a Frozen frenzy…
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The main laundry you do is the iconic-frozen dress

While all her other cute clothes stay clean in the wardrobe
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You find yourself saying 'let it go' every stressed situation
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The dog doesn't seem as fun as a reindeer

Note to self: Invest in reindeer antlers for the dog at Christmas
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You have an urge to build a snowmen called Olaf

Even in summer!
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You daydream about going on holiday to the ice hotel

Instead of a hot sunny beach
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The Frozen soundtrack has become a car journey must-have

And you haven't listened to the radio in months
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You’ve seen the film so many times that...

You’ve started to rant about the plot holes on the nursery-run like a conspiracy theorist
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You remember the time before you spent most of your life trying to buy Frozen merchandise before it sold out...

And it was a calmer, simpler time
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You’re secretly excited (although it's not much of a secret - YOU CAN'T WAIT)

At the prospect of Frozen on Ice
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You have books on how to build palace-inspired birthday cakes

Even if your attempt ends up looking like a pile of icing and sponge

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