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12 Confessions About Motherhood (That It's Ok To Admit To)

Being a mum is the most exciting, loving, life-changing, emotional experience around. Sometimes it’s great and sometimes it’s really hard, but rest assured, whatever parenting confessions or realisations you have, you’re probably not alone

1. It can be boring

Yep. Once you’ve got the whole feeding, sleeping, changing thing down, babies can be, well, a bit repetitive. Make sure you get out with your baby to visit friends, go to baby classes, have coffee – anything to add interest within your normal baby routine.

2. You only change your baby when he’s done a poo

Today’s nappies are pretty awesome and mean that your toddler can happily trot around comfortably until he drops a number two. Then it’s action stations…

3. A packet of Skips can be a Godsend

Or a Kinder Egg. Or a packet of raisins. There are times when only a hastily handed over snack can help stem a tearful tantrum.

4. The baby fell off the bed when you turned away for 3 seconds

Don’t worry, this happens more often than you think by mums not expecting their little one to start rolling when they do. If you’re worried, take your baby to A&E, but as long as your little one doesn’t cry in pain when you move limbs and you watch him for the next 24 hours for any signs of pupil dilation, vomiting, and swelling and bruising on his head, he should be fine. If it was after a nappy change, do it on the floor in the future.


5. The mother-baby bond didn’t happen straight away

You expected a thunderbolt of love as soon as you held your baby in your arms. In reality, you were exhausted, aching and a bit dazed. It took a while for it to sink in that this crying, pooing, eating little person was your little person, but one day you look down as your baby is blowing a milk bubble and then it hits you.

6. You blame your farts on your baby

There’s got to be an upside to stinky nappies, and this is it.

7. You shamelessly use your mother-in-law as free childcare

She has a habit of letting you know exactly what she thinks of your parenting tactics, so it’s only fair that you make the most of granny nanny.


8. The Peppa Pig DVD gets played four days in a row

Sometimes, you have to be a little bit selfish, and if playing a programme or DVD on repeat helps you get some work done or lets you have time for yourself, then so be it.

9. You can’t wait for weekends to be over

You look forward to work so you can have a proper conversation that doesn’t involved ‘Whyyyyy?’ or chats about which is the nicer sister in Frozen.

10. You have a secret chocolate stash

There are days when locking yourself in the bathroom and eating your hidden supply of peanut M&Ms is the only way to carry on. Plus, that way you won’t have to share them with your children.

11. You vacuum the house for peace and quiet

Sometimes the only thing that drowns out the shrieks, squeals and flashy sing-song toys is making an even louder noise.


12. You fly off the handle at nothing

After a day that has tried your patience to the max – potty training accidents, a tantrum in Tesco and crayon drawings on your newly painted living room – you end up snapping at your partner for the smallest mistake and feeling guilty for the whole evening. Take five minutes then come back into the room and tell him about your day – he’s sure to understand.

What are your parenting confessions? Let us know in the comment box below.


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