Mother and Baby

12 Reasons Why Mummy Needs Her Wine Time

You've never been so happy since you became a mum – and you love the precious time you spend with your little ones. But, now it's 8pm, they're in bed, and it's time to relax. Because this is what your day looked like…
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The playdate went well…

But your living room now looks like a toy/snack factory exploded in it. Image: Corbis
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The kids took three hours to get to sleep

After eight hours of house-trashing, messy play and three re-enactments of The Gruffalo (which you secretly love).
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You changed twelve nappies

And feel fairly sure there are a few more to come tonight.
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You finally got that annoying blue crayon stain out of the cream sofa

Woop! This one’s for you, Vanish. Image: Corbis
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Your toddler unleashed his curiosity on the bus

He asked why that man on the bus has a big belly like Santa. How awkward? *tweets furiously*.
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That bolognese you slow-cooked for hours ended up on the kitchen floor

And blinds and furniture thanks to your throw-happy toddler. Some ended up in his mouth by mistake though, so it wasn't all bad.
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You stubbed your toe on the stair gate

For the 30th time. And swore in front of the kids. Gah!
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You're watching Frozen again

Yep, you and your partner can now recite every line. Not so easy to let it go (ahem…) when your toddler’s so obsessed.
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You've been to the soft play centre

And you thought nightclubs (remember them?) were loud. But it’s just so cute seeing your toddler playing with the other babies *proud beam*. Image: Corbis
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There's puree on your top

And you’ve just realised mid-meeting at work. Ah well, who cares – it makes you seem more real and down-to-earth, right?
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You accidentally texted your father-in-law…

A message about sore nipples meant for your friend. Hmm, maybe you can postpone Sunday lunch this week.
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