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20 Parenting Abbreviations You Really Need To Know

As soon as you start trying for a baby, you’ll probably find you need a mum/dictionary/parenting guru to talk you through all of the acronyms used. Because there’s a lot of them. And they’ll start popping up everywhere from your your GP’s office to Twitter. From DDs to VBACs, get to grips with the must common abbreviations and you’ll be using them in your FB (read: Facebook) posts in no time.
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When you’re trying for a baby, you’ll probably see this acronym for ‘Trying To Conceive’ used a lot – and start throwing it into conversation yourself. [Corbis]
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Use this as a quick way to describe your ‘Darling Daughter’… [Corbis]
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Meaning ‘Little One’, this affectionate term is often used by mums – particularly on Facebook and Twitter. [Corbis]
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… and this for your ‘Darling Son’. [Corbis]
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A very formal way to refer to your partner, ‘Darling Husband’ is a commonly used abbreviation and one to know. [Corbis]
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If you’re a ‘Stay At Home Mum’ you’ll want to remember this. [Corbis]
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Standing for ‘Significant Other’ this is another quick way to refer to your partner. [Corbis]
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One to look out for on your midwife’s notes, this means ‘Vaginal Birth After C-Section’. [Corbis]
Baby-led weaning - your essential guide Expand Image Baby-led weaning - your essential guide


Once your little one moves onto solids, you may go down the ‘Baby Led Weaning’ route. [Corbis]
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No, this doesn’t mean best friend. In the parenting sense it’s refers to ‘Breastfeeding’. [Corbis]
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When you’re pregnant, you’ll soon learn that your ‘Estimated Due Date’ is most definitely an estimate. [Corbis]
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This one means ‘Attachment Parenting’, which is a parenting style that involves responding to your baby’s needs and building strong bonds with her through physical closeness and trust. [Corbis]
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This refers to the baby sleep training method, where your tot is left to ‘Cry It Out’ and self-soothe. [Alamy]
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Soon, you’ll be reminiscing about your days ‘Before Children’ with your friends. Probably seems like a long time ago now! [Corbis]
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This is another sleep training method called ‘Controlled Crying.’ [Corbis]
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Working from home? This could soon be your job description – ‘Working At Home Mother’. [Corbis]
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You’ll probably start using this acronym once you’re a mum-to-be as it means ‘Pregnant’. [Corbis]
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Another way to nod to your partner, as your ‘Other Half’. [Corbis]
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You may already recognise this abbreviation but not actually know what it’s actual meaning – ‘In Vitro Fertilisation’. [Corbis]
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This will probably be your first port of call if your think your could be pregnant – a ‘Home Pregnancy Test’. [Corbis]
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