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A massive inflatable unicorn island actually exists and we're obsessed

We've always imagined ourselves living in a magical paradise where everything is rainbow-hued, sugar-coated and toddler's don't throw tantrums in the middle of Tesco.  What this wondrous land would look like, well, we hadn't got that far, but what we do know is that it would have an abundance of unicorns and places where we can Actually. Sit. Down. (Other than the loo!)

WELL, imagine know more as a massive inflatable unicorn island actually exists and it's honestly the best thing ever. 

The floating playground in Asia ranges over 36,600 square feet of water, which is basically equivalent to 8 basketball courts placed side by side one another. Between the inflatable slides, towers, bridges, human launchers, and swings. Our childhood dreams have come true. 

A plane ticket to the Philippines may be worth the trip considering an Inflatable Island day pass only costs $16!

How amazing does the massive unicorn island look on a scale of one to 'OHMYGODGETUSTHERE'? 

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