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A Newborn Baby Has Become Britain’s Youngest Footie Fan

A dad took his newborn to a football match just half an hour after the baby and his mum were discharged from hospital

Chances are your baby’s football team was chosen way before he was born. But it’s probably a while before he gets anything more than a miniature replica kit.

Not so for one Dad, he was so keen to show his son his beloved local team that he took him to a match just 30 minutes after him and his mother had been discharged from hospital, when his son, Arlo, was just 19 hours old.

Anthony Roach supports Torquay United and wanted to see the team’s last match of the season, so after dropping his partner, Rebekah Bancroft at home, he took Arlo to see his team play.

‘I drove Rebekah home and made sure she was comfortable then I got off to the ground as quick as I could,’ said Anthony.

‘Luckily my boss has an executive box at the stadium, so I didn't have to try and get Arlo and his carrycot through the turnstiles.

‘We only managed to arrive at half time but thankfully that meant he only had to watch one of the three goals we let in.’ Well, that’s a relief…

Sadly, Arlo may not be the good luck charm his father hoped he’d be, as Torquay United went on to lose 3-0 and were relegated from the Football League.

Mum Rebekah gave her blessing to the trip to the match, admitting she was happy for the time to relax. And while we all know the value of the odd hour on your own, we wonder how much she really did relax…

Has your baby made his first appearance at a football match yet? Let us know below.


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