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According to new research, drinking coffee increases your lifespan by nine minutes PER DAY

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All parents will know, you really don’t need an excuse for pouring yourself your third coffee of the day, but according to the latest studies, it’s actually a good thing!

With Brits consuming 55 million cups of coffee per day, we obviously know a thing or two about our skinny lattes and flat whites, but according to new research by University of Cambridge, drinking a cup of coffee a day actually extends your life span.

The study says that a cup of coffee a day expands the average woman’s life by one month, and the average man’s life by approximately three months.

Those who had just one cup a day lowered their risk of dying early by 12% over a period of 16 years, while this increased to 18% for those who drank three cups a day.

But why? According to studies by Imperial College London and University of Southern California, it’s the antioxidants in coffee that improve liver function and the phenolic compounds that help ward off cancer.

Whilst you’ll still need to eat healthily and not rely on coffee alone, the study ran over 16 years, looking a half a million people aged 35 or over across Europe and concluded that consuming coffee is, in fact, beneficial to your health.

Excuse us whilst we head off to Pret…

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