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According to science, children inherit intelligence from their MOTHER!

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A report by Psychology Spot has given a new meaning to the Will.I.Am song ‘I got it from my mama’, as it claims that children actually do inherit intelligence from their mums.

In a recent discovery, scientists have found the intelligence genes are actually carried in the X chromosomes, meaning that it is more likely children inherit their intelligence from their mothers, who carry two X chromosomes.

It turns out they are not the only scientists to recognise this relationship. Researchers at the University of Ulm in Germany studied the genes involved in brain damage and found that most of these, especially those related to cognitive abilities were found in the X chromosome.

Also, a study by the Medical Research Council Social and Public Health Services Unit in Glasgow, Scotland studied 12,686 young people and found that the best predictor of intelligence was the IQ of the mother. They also found the young people’s IQ only varied an average of 15 points to that of their mothers.

So, there you have it! If you have a little genius on your hands, turns out you’ve got yourself to thank!

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Don't: Pick the name of an ex

No matter how lovely you think your ex’s name is, it would take a very understanding partner to allow you to pick it for your kid. Just steer clear of any names you know will cause problems to other people, paying particular attention to your partner and loved ones.
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Do: Fall in love with the name(s) you’ve chosen

Pick a name that makes you smile, because if you love it, hopefully your child will too – and won’t grow up resenting and hating you with all their being. (That was a little joke.) Relax and get picking.
Baby names 2018 Expand Image Baby names 2018

Do: Try it out

While you’re pregnant, talk to your baby using their name to see if they respond. You can also try writing names down, practising a few signatures, or saying one out loud enough times to see if you ever get sick of it. Don’t forget to say it aloud with the surname attached to make sure it feels right.
newborn baby Expand Image newborn baby

Don’t: Listen to other people

Sometimes grandparents and friends offer baby- naming advice, which may not always be welcome. If you’ve got your heart set on a name, keep it a secret until after the birth to avoid any unnecessary criticism. Trust your own instincts – they’ll come in handy for parenting in general.
Baby wishlist Expand Image Baby wishlist

Do: Find a name with meaning

Choosing a name that is rooted in history or folklore might just inspire your little one to be as great as their namesake. There’s research to suggest this inspirational rub- off effect has real legs, so even if you pick a name out of the air, consider making something up to tell them later!
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Do: Have fun

Picking out names should be fun. Laughing at the ones you’d never dream of choosing can really help you to narrow it down to the ones you would. There’s time later for thinking through whether bizarre names will actually give your little one a headache when they have to spell it every time they say it. See page 48 for more on this.
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Do: Expand your mind

Don’t rule out the weird ones just yet! Be brave and bold if that’s what you want, but just in case you get it massively wrong (definitely a possibility, let’s face it) you might want to give them a simpler middle name so they can jump ship to that instead.
How to grow a clever baby Expand Image How to grow a clever baby

Do: Try and agree

This is probably the trickiest problem to solve. Research a number of names that you and your partner both like, and make a point of discussing them long before the baby is due. Arguing about it in the delivery room isn’t a great first impression to give to junior.
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Do: Compromise

Pick two middle names so that you each have one in there that you love, or you could each have five names that you’re allowed to veto – but no more. Whichever way you go about it, it’s important that you eventually agree on the name you are giving your baby, even if it means losing out on the one you’ve had your heart set on for a while.


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