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Anyone Else Think Your Partner’s The ‘Fun One’ In Your Kids’ Eyes?

New research has found that many mums are left feeling low after it’s their partner that gets a hero’s welcome and is considered the ‘fun’ parent

No matter how many games of hide and seek or dress up you do each day, chances are all signs of appreciation evaporate once ‘dada’ walks through the door.

A poll of 2,000 mothers, conducted by swimming school Water Babies, found that 70 per cent of mums feel they are forced to play ‘bad cop’ while their partner is the ‘good cop’.

The polled mums said they think their children associate them with the boredom of the weekly routine and their dads with playtime and fun, and three quarters admitted to telling their children off ‘far more’ than their partner.

Six in 10 mums have spoken to their partner about their children’s perception of him. And some admit ‘speaking to’ equals arguments! 

Overall, a quarter of the polled mums said they become upset by their children’s idea of them and 30 per cent said they often worry about whether they’re too bossy.

But the solution seems clear with nine out of 10 mums saying that they became ‘the fun one’ when their partner took over the day-to-day routine and allowed them more bonding time with their kids – something which most of the polled mums wished they had more of.

What makes you feel like the bad cop? Let us know in the comments box below.

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