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Mother and Baby

Awkard Family Easter Pictures To Make Your Toes Curl

Easter is a time for thrilling your children with a visit from the Easter bunny, lavishing them with chocolate, and planning egg hunts in the garden. Or, unwittingly you could scar them for life, photograph the evidence and years later they'll put these photos on the Internet for all to see. Awkward Family Photos is one of our favourite websites ever, and these are our favourite celebrations of Easter ever.
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Never Let Me Go

I love you. I REALLY LOVE YOU.

Awkward Family Photos
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The Visitor

These children were having a lovely day until a monstrous creature in white turned up.
Awkward Family Photos
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Grin And Bear It

It's hard to tell who's more scared of who

. But it's what nightmares are made of.
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When Danger Lurks...

The shed was a scary enough place, then this creature emerged on Easter Sunday...
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The Black Sheep Of The Family

Every child decides that they no longer want to be part of the family, especially at special occasions.
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If In Doubt, Never DIY

If ever there was a case of throwing money at a problem, this is it. The thought was there, but the result is harrowing.□
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It's Easter Eve! Let's Get Wasted!

Parents who party hard, and egg hunt later.
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The Things We Do For Fun, Eh.

Blue eyeshadow matches the bow, but not the boy.
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Playboy Bunny

Satin suit, bowtie, glamorous golden throne. Check, check, check. Still terrifying.
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Alone In The Woods

Sometimes a bunny needs some head space and a bit of 'me time'.
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All I Want For Easter...

Is chocolate. But this guy has different ideas. And, no, we don't think those cigarettes are candy, either.
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Never Forget The True Christian Meaning Of Easter

This child won't in a hurry. He's probably scarred for life.
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Egg Heads

This was probably a very good idea at the time. Not creepy or wierd. At all.
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