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Calling All New Mums: The 10 Wins That Show You’re Awesome (Even If You Don’t Realise It)

OK, so you’re not entirely sure what day it is, how to put together an outfit anymore or have any energy to cook yourself proper meals, but you are winning at some things… Trust us.
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1. You’ve redefined your idea of a good night’s sleep

Your pre-baby eight hour slumbers are a thing of the past. Now a two hour unbroken lump of sleep is a mega win.
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2. You get out of the house

A daily walk in the park or coffee with a friend is a huge achievement and shows that you’ve learnt to be realistic about how to squeeze into your day. So what if you didn’t get dressed until 4pm?
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3. You’ve washed your hair this week

Taking 10 minutes for yourself to wash your hair constitutes as a big fat success. This life stage is exactly what dry shampoo was invented for.
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4. You’ve remembered to feed yourself

…and not just your baby. A microwaved meal totally counts as a good meal.
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5. You actually cleared up your breakfast things before dinner

Hey, washing up all those and mugs is a productive use of naptime.
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6. You’ve talked about something other than your baby for the last hour

Discussing the ins and outs of your breast changes with your best friend, maybe, but still not strictly about your baby.
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7. You’ve enjoyed a HOT cup of tea

You remembered you had made it and sipped it while still hot (rather than knocking it back once stone cold, as per usual).
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8. You spent a blissful 10 uninterrupted minutes on your iPad

So what if you were Googling baby-friendly holidays?
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9. You managed to do up your baby’s nappy without using a YouTube tutorial

Yes you may have used duck tape instead of dealing with those fiddly sticky flaps but at least it’s on and staying on.
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10. You’re still standing

… even though you feel like collapsing in a heap. Keep going – you’re doing brilliantly.

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