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FINALLY the breastfeeding emoji we’ve all been waiting for

Breastfeeding emoji

Mums admit it, we’ve all looked for the breastfeeding emoji at one time or another (probably whilst replying to a Whatsapp one handed). At last, our prayers have been answers and in the updates planned for June 2017, we’ll finally have the emoji that sums up a massive part of a mums’ life in those first few years.

A big shout out has to go to Rachel Lee, a registered nurse at UCH London who recognised the lack of emoji and did something about it. Her proposal finally made the shortlist for Unicode 10.0 and the judging committee, made up of Mark Davis (Google) and Peter Edberg (Apple) said yes.

Although before we all rejoice, critics are questioning whether this un-smiling, yellow character actually looks anything like a real mother breastfeeding. What’s more, her yellow offspring appears to have a pony tail, sitting on its bald head.

As Jay McCarthy at the Huffington Post quite rightly points out: ‘Although a breastfeeding emoji is welcome, it doesn’t go far enough. When are we getting the rest of the set? We still need the Breastfeeding While Eating Dinner and Dropping Some On Baby’s Head emoji, the Breast Milk Leaking Through Your Shirt emoji and the Breastfeeding On the Loo emoji. Meanwhile, men get to choose from eight different emoji for balls.’

The good news is, we’ve still got till October this year to submit ideas for the 2018 emoji release, so get your thinking caps on. Personally, we’re waiting for the potty training and doing-everything-with-a-baby-in-your-arms emoji. Now, where did we leave that sketchpad…


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