Mother and Baby

First the breastfeeding mum, now the GINGER emojis!


Redheads, rejoice! 2018 could see the arrival of the ginger emojis you’ve all been waiting for. Earlier this year, we reported on the arrival of the breastfeeding mother emoji - something we’re sure you’ll agree has been missing for a long time. Yet through recent emoji updates, developers have focused on creating more racially diverse tiny characters for us to use, and it seems ginger hair is the next step.

Breastfeeding emoji

After over 21,000 people signed a petition, Jeremy Burge, founder of Emojipedia (yes that’s a real thing), posted a series of images on Twitter, showing off the new designs. He also revelead designs for a bald, white and curly haired emoji.

As we reported, the breastfeeding emoji was pushed forward by Rachel Lee, a registered nurse at UCH London, who recognised the lack of emoji and did something about it. You’ve still got until October this year to submit ideas for the 2018 emoji release, so if you’re ready to design a potty-training, ginger baby or doing-everything-with-a-toddler-round-your-leg emoji, we’re waiting! 


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