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Gallery! Top 10 April Fool’s Tricks To Play On Your Unsuspecting Children

Ah, April Fool’s Day. A time for taking all that unconditional trust your innocent little ones put in you and exploit it for all it’s worth.

This year’s opportunity for pranking your kids might have finished at noon today, but we’ve got plenty of inspiration for next year’s April 1st mischief-making.

Take a look through the gallery and start laying your dastardly plans now.

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Wormy apple

Poke a couple of holes into the skin of a nice juicy apple and thread a gummy worm inside it. Present nice juicy apple to unsuspecting child and wait for their squeals of horror when they bite into it and find half a worm.
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The exploding cake

Aww, how sweet, you’ve made your little ones a big cake to thank them for their recent Mother’s Day efforts. Wow, you’re even trusting them with a knife to cut it? Oh – what’s this? The cake was actually just an inflated balloon with a load of whipped cream and sprinkles on top? And now it’s all over their shocked faces? What a bad mummy you are!
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‘There’s a dinosaur in the garden!’

This one’s guaranteed to make them come running. Keep up the pretense for as long as you can by telling your disappointed kids that you saw a T-Rex jumping over the fence. Ooh – is that it there? Nope, just a bird. There! No, Mum just needs to put on her glasses.
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The ‘How Could You Forget It’s Dress Like Your Mum Day At School?’ prank

Maximum points if you can get your kids all the way to school still clothed in a pair of your leggings and a tunic dress. They’ll never live it down – and you’ll be the talk of the staffroom for weeks to come.
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Topsy turvy world

Okay, so this one might take a little more planning, but wouldn’t it be amazing for your child to wake up in the morning and see all of their belongings upside down? A bonus to those of you who greet them while doing a handstand.
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Fun with food colouring

Let’s face it, the only times you use those tiny bottles of food dye in your kitchen cupboard is to fool your kids. So why not put a tiny drop of blue onto their toothbrushes just before they brush their teeth? You know you want to…
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Cereal killer

Take one bowl, fill it halfway with water and stick a spoon in it. Leave it in the freezer overnight, then in the morning top it up with cereal and milk. Present to your unsuspecting child and watch them struggle to eat their breakfast with a spoon that won’t budge.
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Become a time lord

This one might be stretching the April Fool’s rules a bit, but if you accidentally set your clocks forward by another hour to get the kids into bed early this evening, we’ll turn a blind eye.
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Send them for a long stand

If your little ones are old enough to be sent next door to a friendly neighbour, perhaps you could ask them to go round for a long stand? Or, if you need some redecorating doing, see if your child would be willing to go and fetch you some tartan paint?

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