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GP’s SLATE Peppa Pig, saying she is putting pressure on the NHS with her ‘unrealistic’ use of doctors

Peppa Pig

She might be your tot’s favourite TV character, but GP Catherine Bell has criticised Peppa Pig, believing the Pig family’s inappropriate use of the doctor are copied by their fans.

As you may have noticed if you’ve watched an episode or two, Dr Brown Bear, the Pig family’s GP provides them with unparalleled medical help, always on hand whenever needed. Yet Dr Bell says this fuels unrealistic expectations on the family doctor and has named Peppa as ‘enemy number one’ in the fight to reduce unnecessary GP visits.

Telling the BBC, ‘He has big demand from patients but provides them with a really good service.’ The Pig family receive home visits from Dr Bear for even the most minor conditions.

Dr Bell is not the only person to think Peppa’s constant trips to her GP surgery has an impact on real life. After posting about this on a Facebook group for doctors, a lot of them agreed with her views.

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