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Hostess With The Mostess: Parents Try To Outdo Other Mums And Dads At Kid’s Parties

Every parent wants to throw the best birthday bash possible for their child, but it can be a really daunting task to get it just right – especially with all the pressure of topping all the other parties that your child has gone too…

Incredibly, half of UK parents admit to trying to make their child’s birthday parties bigger and better than those of other kids – even if it breaks the bank, a new survey has revealed.

Of the 2,136 parents polled by VoucherCodesPro, 54% admitted that they try to throw their child a party that’s better than any of their friends. Some of the reasoning behind this is making their child more popular with the other kids (31%), showing off to other parents (29%), parental guilt (22%) and trying to appear wealthier (17%).

Out of those polled, 71% said that they throw their child a party every birthday and a whopping 62% admitted to feeling ‘pressured’ into doing it.

But most shockingly, 39% admitted that previous birthday parties they’d thrown for their children had been funded by borrowed money or credit. In fact, the survey revealed that the average spending on a child’s party is £210. Think of all the nappies (or the MAC lipsticks) you could buy with that…

When planning the location, the most common place of choice is a ‘local hall’ (42%) closely followed by home (36%).

What are you tips for a brilliant birthday party? Let us know below.

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