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Katie Hopkins Signs Gagging Order Banning Her From Public Speaking. Without Realising…

Last night, Katie Hopkins unwittingly signed a gagging order banning her from public speaking

Katie Hopkins has signed a gagging order banning her from public speaking, mistakenly thinking she was signing an autograph.

The former Apprentice contestant has previously verbally attacked celebrity mums including Lily Allen and Peaches Geldof (not mention pretty much every mum going but last night was tricked into promising to keep her opinions to herself at last.

Wish-fulfilling website, Crowdwish UK, waited outside the Shaw Theatre where Katie was making an appearance to try and make the site’s highest ranking wish of the day come true – which was ‘I wish Katie Hopkins was the subject of a gagging order banning her from any form of public speaking.’

Hilariously, Katie signed the order, believing it to be an autograph – and even posed for a photograph with her ‘fan’ and the order.  In signing, Katie also unwittingly apologised to Lily Allen and Kelly Osbourne ‘for the crass and deeply unfunny things I have said about them in the past.’

The form also contained apologies for Katie’s snobbish comments and her ‘pretty lame’ decision to have her wedding featured on Sky Living.

Crowdwish UK's Order

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