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Katie Hopkins Slams Older Mothers: 'Women Shouldn't Wait Around For Mr Right'

The controversial tabloid columnist speaks out against the rise in motherhood among the over 50s, saying women who have children at that age must have spent too long working or waiting for Mr Right.

When the news came out this weekend that there has been a 50 per cent increase in mothers over 50 in the past five years, many greeted the story with surprise and delight. A more stable career and better finances were just two of the reasons cited for delaying becoming a mother.

Not the case with the controversial tabloid columnist and mum of three Katie Hopkins, who wrote this morning in her Yahoo! Lifestyle column about how she doesn’t think its right to have a baby post 50.

‘A quarter of people think IVF shouldn’t be offered to women over 40,’ she wrote. ‘Two thirds think having a baby over 50 is harmful for a child. I am one of them. Just because you were too busy working, or spent too long waiting for Mr Right to come along does not mean you can do the wrong thing and catch up on childbirth when you get your bus pass.’

In the piece, Hopkins claimed that celebrities including Uma Therman, Gwen Stefani and Halle Berry have made middle-aged motherhood look easy; glamorous even. But she then goes on to cite Carole Hobson, the oldest woman in the UK to have a baby at age 64, saying: ‘She will be 70 before they reach their tenth birthday and will need luck and good health to see some of their teenage years…’

What do you think about Katie Hopkins’ views on mothers over 50? Have they wasted their time waiting for the right man or at work in the office? Let us know in the comments box.

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