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Hot cross bun ice cream exists and we couldn't think of anything more genius

Nothing solves a problem like ice cream.

Little one won't stop crying? Ice cream. Little one goes through the terrible twos at aged one and a half? Ice cream. Waking up at silly-o-clock to get rid of the 'bogeyman under the bed' whilst your partner pretends to be asleep? Ice cream.

So imagine how excited we were to discover that there is an Easter-esque version of our favourite sweet treat? Very excited.

Lidl announced that it would be stocking hot cross bun flavoured ice cream and we have never been happier. 

The genius concoction is made with British double cream and whole milk, and has been swirled with cinnamon sauce and raisins to pack an extra punch in the taste department. Oh go on then.

What's more, is that a tub of the seasonal sweet sensation will only set you back £1.99. 

Lidl has been teasing the launch of hot-cross bun ice cream on social media in the last few weeks and uploaded this cheeky picture captioned 'Got buns, hun?'

Well played Lidl, well played. Race you to the checkouts?

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