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13 things that will definitely happen on your first post-baby night out

It could be a few weeks or months down the line, but your first evening out after having your baby will be one to remember – whether it’s because you had a brilliant time… or you fell asleep in a corner at 8pm. Enjoy!

1) You will get beyond excited

In that delirious first-night-out-after-pay-day kind of way. You think you’ll have time for your make-up ritual, but by the time you’ve fed the baby and put him to bed, the taxi’s here – and a G&T’s calling.


2) But also a bit nervous

Yep, this too. The thought of leaving your baby for the evening… *charges phone ready for hourly check-ins with sitter*.

3) You will be appreciative of an 'appropriate' venue 

I.e. somewhere with lots of seating. The days of loitering around a bar desperately trying to decide if that group is leaving the one and only table are firmly behind you. Especially since you've only had four hours sleep. 

4) You will realise that bars are actually kind of noisy

On second thoughts, maybe opt for the pub next time.

5) Your heels will last 20 minutes

 On that note, how totally impractical are clutch bags? Where to keep the breast pads? There's just no room.

6) There’ll be a wardrobe moment

Yes, you felt self-conscious at first in that top you haven’t worn for ages, but you were in it. And bloody proud of it.

7) You won't stop talking 

While you rallied your friends to join you, chatting to a stranger in the toilet queue (and showing her all your baby pics) was pretty fun. Grown-up conversations – woop!

8) Lightweight is your new middle name

After cutting back on alcohol for months, one glass of wine went straight to your head. So, perhaps give the third Long Island Ice Tea a miss in future. 

9) Photos take on a new meaning

OK, they're less fun without your baby looking cute, but selfies take fewer attempts when you’re not juggling a little person in your other arm. 

10) Breast pads make an appearance

Mid-exchange with the mildly fit barman.

11)  Boys! Boys! Boys!

Everywhere! After months of being around mainly women at your NCT groups and playdates, here you are – in mixed company!

12) Tiredness catches up on you

By about 9.30pm. It’s just those lounge sofas are so comfortable. Taxi! 


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