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Mums get ready! New emojis are coming and we CANNOT wait!

New emojis

Ok, so there’s still not a potty training emoji, but in the next few weeks, you’ll be able to browse through 56 new emojis on your iPhone and we are SO excited.

Sadly there’s not the promised ginger emoji either, but there is a hedgehog, a mermaid and takeaway box and a head-exploding emoji (we’ve all been there), that will arrive with the iOS 11.1 software in a couple of weeks’ time. If you’re too excited to wait that long, there are ways to get first access, but we’ve hand-picked our favourites here:

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Love-you gesture 

Not to be confused with the rock emoji, this means ‘I love you’ in American Sign Language. 
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She (or he) might not be tinkerbell, but is still a good one to have for those moments where you want to sprinkle some fairy dust on the mummy Whatsapp group. 
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Breastfeeding emoji 

We reported on the breastfeeding emoji earlier this year but it will FINALLY be on our phones this October! 
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One we’ve wanted for ages! 
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Shush face 

One we use ALL the time in real life – shhhh (and go to sleep!) 
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Takeaway box 

For those evenings when you just can’t be bothered to cook! 
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Just look at that little face! 
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AT LAST! If you’ve never noticed the lack of broccoli app, you cannot be too much of a fan of this leafy green!
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Because we all need a secret ‘I need some me time’ emoji (or just to dwell on those days when you had time to visit a spa!) 
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Swearing face 

‘I must not swear in front of the children. I must not swear in front of the children.’ 
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Increasing the range of animal emojis, we’re not sure when you’d use this one, but love it all the same. 
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All of our tots’ favourite animal, summed up in one emoji. 
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Head exploding 

The one emoji that sums up the moment you toddler has drawn on the sofa in biro. Again. 
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Monocle emoji 

For those mummy moments you really need to think about.
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Another one we probably won’t use, but absolutely love. 
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Just in time for the Great British Bake Off final!
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A new child emoji for when you’re texting about your older one! 
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Older Adult 

A new older emoji, with cropped hair and glasses. 

Which are your favourites? Let us know in the comments below.

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