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Not Just For Children: Adults Still Love Childhood Games

It’s not only kids who love popping bubble wrap, watching cartoons and playing pranks – adults can’t resist these childish ways to past the time either

One in five adults love indulging in kid’s games, pranks and activities, a new study has found. Kicking piles of leaves, licking the bowl and other childish habits are still loved by a fifth of adults. Sound familiar?

While the polled adults said their imagination and ability to see things through a child’s eyes decreases by the age of 26, the study found that whizzing around the supermarket on a shopping trolley, not eating crusts, saying ‘jinx’ and drawing pictures on steamed up mirrors are favourite pastimes that lots of adults love.

One in 10 adults admitted to pranking others and more than half of those studied said they regularly daydream about being rich and happy or about having superpowers. Just think what you could get done if you did something productive with that time…

Saying that, two thirds of the adults believe that a good imagination makes you more creative and 86 per cent think it’s crucial to be imaginative. Which is good news, we reckon!

Does playing games with your toddler make you more creative? Let us know in the comments box below.

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