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Polly Pockets are BACK and we couldn’t be more excited

Polly Pocket

If you remember playing with, or owned one of the original Polly Pocket compact sets, you’ll be as excited as we are to hear that Polly is BACK and has been given a 21st century update.

The must-have toys were launched in the late 80s and were discontinued in 1998. The new Polly Pocket dolls are larger than her miniature predecessor, but she still lives in a transportable, compact world.

Take a look at the new Polly and friends here:

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Polly Pocket Pool Party 

In this cute flamingo shaped compact, Polly and friends can lie on the sunlounger, sit on tiny deckchairs or even swim in their very on-trend flamingo floats! 
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Polly Pocket apartment 

Remember opening and shutting that tiny fridge, Polly's apartment is bound to give you all the nostalgic feelings, although Polly now has a scooter and karaoke set. 
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Polly Pocket Party 

Of course, Polly now has a stretch limo to take her and all her friends to the party in style. 
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Polly Pocket Music Studio 

In the relaunch, Polly is now a rockstar, so of course she needs her own recording studio complete with keyboard, guitar and microphone. 
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Polly Pocket Underwater 

Just as magical as it was in the 90's, Polly can play with the sandcastle and open the treasure chest in this star-shaped compact.

According to reports, the new Polly Pocket range will be released in the US in June, then rolled out nationwide after this.

We’re not sure about you, but we can’t wait!

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