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This toddler's reaction to trying pizza for the first time will make your whole day

We can all agree that pizza is pretty fantastic.

The creation which essentially is a plate full of carbs, cheese and whatever topping that takes our fancy. Garlic mayonnaise dip optional, but highly recommended. Triangle slices of warm gooey mozzarella that tastes like magic and somehow allows all of our troubles float away. What more anyone could want from a Friday evening meal is beyond us.

Someone who does share our love for pizza is this sauce-smothered toddler, who looks like she's about to pass out with joy after her trying it for the first time.



Jody Avirgan, host and producer of the FiveThirtyEight podcast, shared a photo of her daughter's delight, which has gone viral on Twitter and is making everyone's day in the process.

The Tweet simply reads: 'My daughter tried pizza for the first time' and shows the young girl with her eyes closed and her arms in the air, perhaps saluting to the universe for the divine creation.

Hilarious reactions flooded in from other Twitter users, including some who said she had more 'omg!' food moments in store...

Other parents had very similar experiences...

Has your toddler had the same sorta reaction to pizza? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!

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