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13 Realities About Weekends Now You’re A Parent

Now you’re a parent, you’ll probably find those luxuriously long lunches with friends and messy nights out are rarer than a full night's sleep. Instead, your weekends will be quite different – or the same as any other day of the week.

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1. You’ll never have a lie-in again

Or if you try, there’ll probably be a little person pretending the end of your bed is a trampoline.
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2. A row is inevitable

You and your partner being home together all day is great in theory. But it turns irritating when routines and systems get suddenly thrown out the window. 
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3. The weather is a REAL deal breaker

Rain is the worst thing ever. It washes away your beach/park/picnic plans and forces you to come up one fun indoor activity after another.
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4. Disney films are life savers

Particularly when you’re nursing a Pinot hangover on a Sunday morning and can barely muster the energy to pour cereal in bowls for your kids – let alone building a den in the lounge with them.
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5. You’ll feel like an underpaid taxi drive

In-between transporting your tot to swimming lessons, play dates and the soft gym you’ll quickly rack up the mileage.
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6. You’ll have to force some creativity

Whether it’s putting on your chef’s hat or getting all arty crafty, you’ll need a massive pinch of enthusiasm to go along with your toddler’s at-home activities. Even if she loses interest after five minutes.
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7. There’s no down time

Your children have the energy of Duracell bunnies and you’re left playing catch up. All. Day. Long.
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8. You have to perfect your event-planning skills

Fitting in the food shopping, housework, a visit to the in-laws, a play date and a trip to the park can be quite the juggling act.
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9. Friday night takeaways are a thing of the past

You’re expected to cook something more nutritious for your small person. Sadly, a chicken chow mein isn’t the healthiest dinner option.
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10. It’s basically just like any other day

All the days of the week blur into each other now.
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11. There’s no such thing as 'popping out for a coffee'

It takes a good hour to get you and your baby out the door – and lets not get started on finding a child-friendly café complete with highchairs and room for the buggy.
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12. Your babysitter’s your new favourite person

That’s when she’s free on Saturday night of course. Otherwise you send her telepathic death texts for ruining your once-a-month shot at a child free evening.
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13. Shopping is a bit of a nightmare

Tantrums, non-stop toilet trips and manoeuvring the pushchair in-between clothes rails never makes for an enjoyable day out.
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14. But the quality time together is amazing

As much as your family can stress you out, you love every minute with them. What did you do on weekends before?

What are your weekends like as a parent? Let us know in the comments box below.

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