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The Classroom Teddy – Does It Turn You Into A Competitive Mum?

Could the trend of bringing cuddly toys home from school or nursery for the weekend be promoting pushy parenting?

Being asked to take the classroom mascot home for the weekend to record all the fun you’re going to get up may be a treat for your toddler – but chances are it gives you the fear. Will pictures of class ted watching Peppa Pig while clutching a packet of Pom Bears really cut it?

The trend, which is taking hold of nursery and primary schools, is meant to encourage families to have fun together and help writing and storytelling skills. But it appears to be an excuse for competitive parents to get one up on eachother, says the Times Educational Supplement (TES).

Will pictures of class ted watching Peppa Pig while clutching a packet of Pom Bears really cut it?

The toy is given to a different child each weekend, and comes with a diary filled with photos, drawings and notes on what the toy got up to last weekend – pressuring the new host family to give the toy an even better weekend this time around, says TES. Cue photos of ted on the red carpet, flying a helicopter and enjoying a VIP weekend at Legoland. God forbid he only gets to go on a to granny’s or a playdate.

But on the other hand, some parents are using the toy to show their complete lack of interest in the task. ‘The bear wandered aimlessly around B&Q look at taps’ said one caption that a teacher shared with TES.

‘We’ve seen, through online discussion boards, that some parents have been reduced to tears over having the bear for the weekend,’ said TES editor Ann Mroz. ‘Some parents work all weekend, while others struggle with the English language to the point that just writing the report becomes a stressful exercise.

‘The class bear is a great teacher tool but some simple changes could really help take the edge off the competitiveness.’

Have you had the classroom ted over for the weekend? Let us know what happened in the comments box below.

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