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The Honest Dad: What *really* makes a good dad?

Blogger and Instagram influencer The Honest Dad shares his thoughts on what *really* makes a good dad...

I often get asked if I think I’m a good dad. Answering “yes” sometimes feels a bit awkward as I’m not totally sure. Considering I’m winging it for approximately 92% of the time, I think I’m doing alright, but to say confidently I’m a good dad doesn’t come easily to me. Do I tick all of the conventional parenting? Kind of. But I think it’s the more unconventional things that really make me a good dad.

I’ll do anything for my baby AND his mum

It’s a given right? You have a kid and they become your world…but it can fade. I think parenting can lose its proverbial shine and for me continuing to be a dad and husband above all else is of huge importance. I’m not saying you need to completely drop everything else in your life, but I think one of my strengths as a dad is that I take my responsibility seriously and not only that, now the baby isn’t a baby, I haven’t taken a step back.

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1) I love spending time with my boy

As a parent, I absolutely love spending time with my boy. He’s my best friend and we have such a laugh together. Admittedly, the conversation doesn’t flow too well when his vocabulary consists of six words (“dogga”, “tractor”, “car”, “Dada”, “cheers” and “poo-poo” – absolutely not me who taught him the last two) but we don’t stop talking. I think genuinely enjoying my boy’s company makes me a good dad.
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2) I try to guide and teach

Having the minerals to tell off a one and a bit year old is y more difficult than you think. Our boy is by no means a tear-away, but he’s a mischievous little cretin at times and I have to keep a straight face and tell him off. I couldn’t think of anything worse than having to do this, but it’s part of my job as a dad. He literally wells up when he knows he’s upset me which nearly breaks my resolve…the thing is, I know it’s for the best.
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3) I’m happy to take one for the team

Traditional mother/father roles are still prevalent in some households, but not ours. Yes, I work (more) but that doesn’t mean I don’t pull my weight. Early morning and late night shifts are part and parcel of being a good parent and I’m not one to shirk my share of the shifts. Not only that, if my wife says she’s going out, I’m happy to stay in. I think being a good dad means being a good team player and sometimes you need to take one for the team.
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4) Being present

Distractions come in all shapes and forms and when you’re a sleep-deprived mess and they seem to present themselves more frequently. Some people immerse themselves in social media, some in work and some in other vices, but I think regardless of your distractions in life, making time for your child/children and family is one of the key factors that makes you a good dad. We are all guilty of wasting time and looking back on life, when I’m old, I don’t want to be one of those people who says that they regret not being more present…

There’s no exact formula for being the world’s best dad I don’t think; it’s more about making the time to be a dad and making sure you are making the most of it!

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