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The Most Honest Parenting Tweets

With everyone and their mum joining the white noise on Twitter, here's our pick of the funniest tweets from parents – any sound familiar?
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Ilana Wiles @mommyshorts

‘The best way to start a brawl at a 4yo's birthday party is to serve a Frozen themed cake w/only two slices that contain part of Elsa's head.’
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Melissa Sher @thismelissasher

'I have a babysitter coming in a few minutes and I haven't been this excited since... Actually, I've never been this excited.'
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Busby MUFC @BusbyMUFC

‘One of the perks of being a parent is blaming odd smells on the baby.’
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Goddess of Mischief @ShanaRose21

‘You're not a parent until you wake up in the middle of the night to a talking/singing/beeping toy and go on a mission to find it and KILL it.'
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Cool Mom Picks @coolmompicks

‘Parenting is when going to the grocery store alone is like a spa day.’
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Charliecapen @charliecapen

‘Remember that time I slept 8 hours and felt rejuvenated? Me neither. Where's my coffee?’
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Exploding Unicorn @XplodingUnicorn

‘My 3-year-old finally ate something without ketchup on it. I’d call that progress, but it was Play-Doh.’
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Amy Flory @FunnyIsFamily

‘I don't always tell my kids how to dress, but when I do it's because they want to wear fleece to the pool.’
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OneFunnyMummy @OneFunnyMummy

‘Kids. You can't wait for them to start talking, until they do.’
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Jessica Valenti @JessicaValenti

‘No one has a sense of injustice like a two year old who's run out of yoghurt.’

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