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The new pregnant emoji you NEED to see

Pregnant emoji

Remember life before those little yellow emojis? Instagram captions were longer, texting was more complicated (especially one handed) and there was no way to send your group Whatsapp the poo emoji (which seems to sum up those first few days with a newborn, right?)

That said, we’re sure you’ll be as excited as we are to see the new parenting emojis after the latest update. Yes there’s finally an avocado, a cute rainbow and a unicorn, but there’s also a pregnant woman!

Earlier this year, we reported on the breastfeeding emoji that Rachel Lee, a registered nurse at UCH London proposed should be designed. Although this hasn’t appeared on our phones as of yet, the pregnant woman is a good start when it comes to the motherhood emojis we’ve all been crying out for.

Parenting emoji

Also in this update are two more that seem to sum up life with a toddler in the house – a facepalm and a shrug for those ‘but you liked the yellow straw five minutes ago’ moments.

One of the big concepts behind the update was designing gender pairs to fill the existing emoji gaps – you’ll notice the bride now has a groom, the salsa dancer in the red dress now has a partner, and Mrs Clause is getting ready for Christmas.

We’ve also still got till October to submit designs for next year’s update, now where’s that sketchpad…


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