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The reason we all fell in love with Professor Kelly’s BBC News interview

Any parent who has ever tried to work from home felt Professor Kelly’s pain, as he closed his eyes and willed the chaos behind him to stop last week. Yet the reason we all fell in love with Professor Kelly’s interview is because it’s just so adorably real. Even as parents, the Instagram filtered image we portray to the world isn't always reprensentative of the chaos that exists behind closed doors. However in this 40 second clip, anyone who has tried to get anything done with kids in the house has no choice but to laugh.


When the star of the show, four-year-old Marion, struts in with her elbows held high, we watch Kelly’s eyes dart to the corner of his screen. Seconds later, eight month James sails through the door in his baby walker and it's game over. In a follow up interview with the Wall Street Journal Kelly revealed his daughter was celebrating her birthday, and ‘was in a hippity-hoppity mood that day because of the school party.’ He also accepted full blame for their unexpected entrance, admitting he should have locked the door.


The family appeared together in a (this time planned) interview with the BBC this week, and spoke about their internet fame saying it was ‘pretty hysterical’ now they’ve watched it back. Worried that the BBC would never get in touch with them again, it seems that quite the opposite has happened, as the world has fallen in love with this clip of very normal family life.


Whilst every parent who's ever tried to work from home nodded his or her head in agreement, Professor Kelly’s wife Jung-a-Kim admitted her own shock when she saw her children on TV. Watching the interview in the room next door, there was a twenty second delay between the broadcast and live interview, which explains her rather frantic entrance.


Yet Jung-a-Kim has been at the centre of controversy this past week, after it was wrongly assumed by many that she was Robert’s nanny rather than his wife. Although Robert admitted ‘it made me pretty uncomfortable’, Jung-a-Kim willed people to ‘just enjoy it, not argue over it’.


One thing is for certain, although we can’t quite remember what Professor Kelly was saying about the inter-Korean relations, we won’t forget this interview in a hurry. 


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