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Tom Hardy’s final CBeebies Bedtime Story is a tribute to his late dog, Woody

Tom Hardy bedtime story

Tom Hardy’s final CBeebies Bedtime Story will air this Saturday 26th at 6.50pm, on National Dog Day, as a tribute to his beloved pet Woody, who he lost in June. Filmed before Woody’s sad departure, Woody is curled up alongside Hardy as he reads the tale Fleabag.

Fleabag, a book by Helen Stephens, follows one scruffy little dog who needs a home and a lonely boy who wants a dog. The storyline will tug at your heart-strings, as will Hardy, as shares his final adventure with his pet.

Although he remains silent about his family and personal life, Hardy has spoken frequently in the press about his love for Woody – the stray puppy he found on the side of the motorway. Woody went on to walk the red carpet with Hardy and make a brief appearance in Peaky Blinders.

Get ready for this tear jerking bedtime story, (watch the tailer below if you don’t believe us). Fleabag will air on CBeebies at 6.50pm on Saturday 26th August.

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