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Top 10 things we hate about being a mum

Housework, the school run, and faddy toys - we find out the top 10 things we dislike about being a mum

What are the things you enjoy least about being a mum? There are so many wonderful parts of motherhood - but there are quite a few we could do without as well... 

  1. Picking up toys clothes (65%)
  2. Ironing (62%)
  3. Sewing on name labels (41%)
  4. Making packed lunches (33%)
  5. Wasting money on fad toys (31%)
  6. Having to watch children’s TV (27%)
  7. The school run (12%)
  8. School friends’ parties (10%)
  9. Getting them to eat healthy food (10%)
  10. Helping them with their homework (7%)

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Results from a survey of 1,450 mums by professional housekeeping service Bright & Beautiful

  • Author: Sophie Knight Sophie Knight
  • Job Title: Contributing Editor

Sophie is a journalist and mum of one, and previously edited before moving on to write about family cars for - now Sophie is Commercial Content Editor for M&B, Closer, Heat, Empire, Yours, Garden News, and 

She is passionate about raising awareness around postnatal depression and is a Mental Health First Aider.

Sophie studied History at the University of Sheffield and has been in journalism for 16 years. 

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