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Unpopular opinion alert: kids should still go to school when it's snowing

Snow day for working mum

This is going to make me very unpopular with my son when he’s old enough to understand that mummy can be a cold-hearted cow at times. 

But ‘snow days’ are codswallop. There. I said it. Children should definitely still go to school when it’s snowing.

Do you know how many days I had off as a child because of the snow? Zero. Zip. Zilch. NONE. Mind you, I did live in the North, and we’re made of tough stuff up there.

But that’s not why I’m so vehemently against our little darlings having a day off because a few snowflakes have fallen from the sky.

My problem with snow days is, who exactly looks after the kids? 

If you are lucky enough to have grandparents who a) live close enough, b) are willing to, and c) are able to help out then you have no idea how lucky you are and I am more than a little envious.


snow days are 's no joke

But what about those parents who have no family around them? Or whose folks are not in a position to help, either because they work themselves, or because they’re a bit frail or simply because they have other things to do with their retirement.

Who looks after children then? 

Oh, right. It’s their mums, isn’t it? So the mum has to either take a day off work using up a precious day of holiday, or (as in my case) not be paid at all for not working.

And as for working for home with your little ones quietly playing and requiring no attention from you whatsoever – a ha ha ha ha ha!

Parent blogger Hurrah For Gin, who I thoroughly recommend you follow, feels the horror of working from home too.

Hurrah For Gin

And, yes, the dad could take a day off, of course he could. But who does the school ring first? Thought so.

Look, I know there are people out there whose actual cars are buried in the white stuff. And if it would be dangerous for you (or the staff) to travel, of course don’t do that.

But this call for ‘snow days!’ the second a few flakes fall from the sky? Do me a favour. Until a snow day applies to adults too and the law states that they must be paid for having the day off, keep the schools open, please. 

And if the law does change, heck, I’ll be the first one praying for snow.

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George is digital editor at Closer magazine and regularly writes for Mother&Baby. She’s mum to an extremely handsome toddler, and her interests include rock and roll, weekends away and cheese. She would 100% wear Little Bird by Jools Oliver if it came in adult sizes and is a walking advert for jewelry design company Tatty Devine. 

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