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VIDEO! Adorable Toddlers Party In The Car

Think teens are the only ones keen to get on the dancefloor? These babies prove that more fun can be hard raving in the car.

Three children figured out how to make a boring car journey more exciting – by having a good old sing and dance. And it’s not your average lullabies they’re singing to. No, these tots are into something a little more hardcore. 

Two oh-so-cute girls were filmed noisily bopping along to the tune in their car seats, while a baby seems to be sleeping soundly beside them. But it turns out she may not have been asleep after all…

As soon as the songs beat drops, the baby seems to awaken and enthusiastically joins in. We suspect the parents of these kids may have three little ravers on their hands.

Watch the video below.

Does your baby love a sing-a-long in the car? Let us know in the comments box below.


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