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VIDEO! ‘I Don’t Want To Be Four’: Little Girl Has Surprising Birthday Reaction

A child in the US isn’t as excited about being a year older as her mum expected…

‘It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to’. A classic, sure – but one mum probably didn’t expect her daughter to bring out the birthday tears quite like this.

A US mum filmed her twins on the day before their fourth birthday, asking them what they loved most about their year being three.

For her daughter it’s that they went to Disney World when they were three and, as it dawns on her that she’s actually about to turn four… well, it doesn’t go down well.

‘I don’t want to be four… it means I’m grown up and I don’t want to be grown up,’ she says, before bursting into tears.

As it dawns on her that she’s actually about to turn four… well, it doesn’t go down well

‘I love being three… I don’t wanna turn four,’ she sobs, as her surprised mum tries to reassure her.

‘Four is fine, I promise,’ she says. ‘You get to do big kid stuff… it’s a fun birthday… you get a new car seat… you get a new bicycle to ride.’

But it’s not enough to convince the toddler, so the mum turns to her son to see if he can reassure his sister and get her excited about the big day.

It doesn’t go quite to plan – watch below to see what happens. Since the big day, CNN caught up with the family and asked the little girl, now four, what she thought about her birthday - she laughed and said she wasn't afraid about being four or even five...

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