Mother and Baby

Watch A Guilty Dog Trying To Make It Up To A Baby After Stealing Her Toy

A heartwarming video of Charlie the Beagle showering a baby with toys after taking her plaything — and inadvertently making her cry — has gone viral.

Evidently feeling guilty for causing the little one’s tears, Charlie proceeds to pile toys into her bouncer seat – and even gives her a little affectionate lick.
Hilariously, the baby ends up with a ball, video game controller and teddy bear on top of her, as the dog tries to make up for his actions - much to her parents' amusement, who were filming the scene.
The video has already notched up over three million hits since it was uploaded – and gives a new meaning to the phrase Man’s Best Friend.

Does your dog have special affection for your little ones? Let us know in the comments box below.

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