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Watch This Tot's Reaction When Watching An Emotional Penguin Cartoon (Video)

We all are guilty of shedding a tear or two at emotional films, TV shows and even adverts (we’re looking at you Monty the Penguin!). But it’s all the more adorable when you watch a little one wearing their heart on their sleeve.

One dad, Travis Lupher, decided to record his tot’s emotional outbursts watching a penguin-themed cartoon and posted it on YouTube.
His young daughter Raegan is seen fighting to hold back tears as she watches the engaging animation, before succumbing to a full-on compassionate cry as she watches the baby penguin being reunited with its mum.
The video has already gained over four million YouTube views.

‘When I noticed my young daughter getting emotionally absorbed in the cartoon she was watching, I set up a camera to record her. And the results are just adorable,’ dad Travis said.
‘Thanks to everyone for watching and sharing this video of my sweet Raegan. I'm so happy I could share my daughter's compassion with the world :)’
Does your little one get emotional watching certain shows? Let us know below.


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