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What type of Book Week Mum are you? 

What type of book day mum are you?

World Book Day is almost upon us, which means we’ll soon have an army of Fantastic Mr Foxes and Gangsta Grannies flooding through school gates up and down the country.

This Thursday is the twentieth year of World Book Day; a day of celebrating authors, illustrators and of course, reading. Yet as little ones all over the country get ready to dress up as their favourite book character, parents all over the country start to panic.

Whether you dusted off your sewing machine weeks ago or are planning to panic-buy from Sainsbury’s the night before, here’s the five types of Book Week mum and how to spot them… 

1. The ‘Oops, I forgot’ Mum

We all love this mum because – whisper it – she makes us feel a bit better about ourselves. The mum who only remembered the night before (or worse, in the morning) and quickly puts her son in a pair of glasses before gulping down her coffee and rushing out the door. He’ll spend the entire day explaining to everybody he’s Harry Potter, she’ll spend the entire day feeling guilty and vowing to make more of an effort next year. Our favourite ‘Oops, I forgot’ Mum is actually a dad; comedian Joe Heenan who, this time last year, tweeted a picture of his young son and daughter holding a hairdryer and a toaster. He captioned the image; ‘Forgot they had to be in costume, so they’re going to school as pages 89 & 165 of the Argos catalogue. #BookWeek.’

This mum is most likely to: Pre-order next year’s outfit this week


2. The Pinterest Mum 

This type of Mum puts all other parents to shame with her child’s Instagram-worthy outfits that she’s spent weeks planning on Pinterest. Perfectly blow-dried and immaculately dressed at 8.30am (how is that even possible?) she’ll proudly walk her little creation into school on Thursday and then post her efforts on her (equally immaculate) social media accounts. But let’s face it, so would we if our child’s outfit was a hand-sewn swan rather than a shop-bought, slightly itchy polyester dress (see Supermarket Mum).

This mum is most likely to: Repeatedly use the hashtag #BookWeek


3. The Too-Smart Mum 

If Pinterest Mum goes too far she can end up as this type. The mum who, shunning the usual Disney princesses and Goldilocks clichés, decides to dress her child as an obscure character from a high brow kids’ book. She means well, but can come off as just the teeniest bit smug. And will have the other kids, parents and even the teachers scratching their heads, wondering who on earth her child is supposed to be.

This mum is most likely to: Admit defeat and go as Goldilocks next year


4. The ‘Minimum Effort’ Mum

She went all out for their first Book Week at pre-school, but as the Minimum Effort Mum adds to her brood, goes back to work and signs up for a gym-membership, it all goes out the window. She’ll probably dig out a red and white stripy jumper and a bobble hat and send her child in as ‘Where’s Wally?’, or find some brown trousers and a green t-shirt for ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’.

This mum is most likely to: Vow to be Pinterest Mum next year (but fail)


5. The ‘Throw-money-at-the-problem’ Mum

More organised than Last-Minute Mum, less creative than Pinterest-Mum, the Throw-money-at-the-problem Mum just wants an easy life and is prepared to pay for it. Every year she’ll ask her children what they want to be when the letter comes home from school, tap their answers into Amazon and sleep easy that it’s all sorted.

This mum is most likely to: Try to convince her children to go as the same thing next year


So there you have it, the five mums you’ll meet on the school run this week. Now, where did I put that bobble hat…? 


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