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Which of these fictional characters would you let look after your child?

Which of these fictional characters would you let look after your child?

It turns out, picking a fictional nanny is just as hard as choosing a real one. asked their network of parents which fictional character they would most like to look after their children. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Robin Williams’ iconic Mrs Doubtfire was the most popular choice, with 44% of mums picking her as the perfect fictional nanny.

In second place was Mary Poppins, with her flying umbrella and bottomless bag of tricks. (Perhaps her fall to second place was down to the spoons of sugar she dishes out?) Either way, more than a third of parents, 35% in fact, picked her as their preferred choice.

In third place was Emma Thompson’s Nanny McPhee, who quickly sorted Colin Firth’s troublesome brood in the blockbuster film. She might cause a stir at the school gates, but she’ll stay as long as your little ones need her.

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Interestingly, the survey didn’t ask there, as they also asked children which fictional characters they’d like to look after then when Mummy and Daddy were busy. Unlike their parents, only 5% of little ones chose Mary Poppins to be their fictional nanny; opting for much more exciting characters they know and love.

The top ten most popular fictional characters picked by children are:

  • Cat in the Hat – 32% of kids chose the fun rhymes over rules! Turns out green eggs and ham are always a winner.
  • Timon and Pumbaa – 27% of children chose this fun loving double act to look after them. Hakuna Matata!
  • Baloo – 22% of our little ones would choose to spend their time with this caring, dancing bear.
  • Optimus Prime – A slightly unusual choice, but 17% of children chose this Transformers character as their nanny.
  • Mike Wazowski – 14% of our tots wanted to spend their time hanging out with this very un-scary, one-eyed monster.
  • Miss Honey – Admit it, we all wanted Miss Honey to be our teacher when we first watched Matilda. Turns out our little ones agreed, with 11% choosing her as their fictional nanny.
  • Nana, Peter Pan – 9% of children chose a far more obvious caregiver, one of the only ones on this list we’d probably agree with as parents.
  • Woody, Toy Story – He’s Buzz Lightyears best friend, and apparently, the cowboy 7% of children surveyed saw as a suitable childcare provider.
  • Albus Dumbledore – Another slightly unexpected choice, it turns out, despite being muggle born, 5% of our little ones would like to learn magic from Hogwarts headmaster.
  • Mary Poppins – Despite being the second most popular choice for parents, Mary Poppins was only chosen by 5% of children. Maybe the all singing, all dancing, umbrella flying nanny is far too responsible for our little one’s liking! 

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