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Why we should all be a bit more Marion Kelly

Why we should all be a bit more Marion Kelly

We know we should stop, but we can’t get enough of these clips of Marion Kelly – the four-year-old star of her father’s viral BBC News interview. From the moment she stormed into our lives, wearing her yellow jumper and walking with her elbows held high, she’s taken the internet by storm.

In her latest appearance, this time in a press conference with her family, Marion captivated the audience once more, eating a lolly and letting us all know just how boring these things can be.

So here’s why we should all be a bit more Marion Kelly, and look to our little ones for motivation now and again!


She doesn’t take no for an answer 

From crashing her Dad’s interview with the BBC, to eating a lollypop during a press conference, no isn’t a word in Marion’s dictionary.


She’s a savvy dresser

And looks utterly adorable every time we see her.



She reminds us that wearing your heart on your sleeve isn’t always a bad thing

One thing we can all learn from our children is that sometimes, we should just say it how it is.


She’s taken her new found fame in her stride

Press conferences? Prime time interviews? No biggie.



She’s become the star of the show

By the end of her family’s latest interview, she wasn’t even sat at the table, but we love her for it.


Although the limelight surrounding Marion and her family might die down, we’re pretty sure whatever she goes on to do, she’s going to be a star. 


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