Mother and Baby

Would you let your little one watch you give birth?

In a rare opportunity, seven primary school age children will get to watch themselves being born.

A new series of seven short episodes called ‘I Was Born on One Born’ allows seven children to witness how they came into the world, as they watch their censored One Born Every Minute footage with their emotional family. Fascinating, funny and heart-warming, would you let your little one watch if given the opportunity?

Episode One follows Eivissa and her parents Healther and Danny, who met at fashion collage and had a water birth on camera five years ago. Less than ten minutes long, the clip shoes Eivissa’s innocent and adorable reaction to her own birth, asking her mum ‘did I come out of your bum?’

Just as emotional as it was the first time we saw it, the footage shows her parents five years ago, overcome with emotion meeting their baby for the first time, then cuts to them cuddling her on the sofa five years later. This is obviously a special opportunity most parents don’t have, but it raises the question, when do you start discussing childbirth with your little one?

To watch the rest of the ‘I Was Born on One Born’ head over to All4


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